Too Cool For School

ohnoooo, I’m going to be really busy soon since I will be having a dance performance AGAIN on Jun, madly excited !! (and friends, please reserve your day for me =P )

So, I think I better update about Too Cool For School launching @ Bangsar i went last 2 weeks before I start my busy-yet-happy-life.

Too Cool For School – a Korean cosmetic brand

yeaa, no doubt, that’s the name of the brand and it is really COOL~

Received the surprise invitation from Too Cool For School.
My sista and I decided to attend as their ambassadors even though it was falling on CNY.

Know whattt?!! The opening of Too Cool For School in Malaysia is a FINALLY-and-YAY news for us !! Before this, I even asked my friend who travelled to Korea to get their cosmetics for me =P
Hearing that 2 more outlets are going to open soon in KLCC and Lot10, jump high-high for it !!

Tadaahh, Too Cool For School launching *clap clap clap*

The event-by-invitations-only were pretty packed though.

And it came with yummay tibits.

The fruity tart is surprisingly good, nomssss~

After filling our stomach, is picha time 😀

Us with the reddy roses given by Too Cool For School.

and the funniest thing is, people there kept thinking my sista and I, we are of Korean ethinicity, one of the media persons even tried to speak Korean to us OMG!
I think it is because the event was only attended by Malaysian or Korean (since Too Cool For School is a Korean brand)

Cool items are coming, chiang chiang~

Dinosaurs are coming to town !!

erm ,, pen or cosmetic?
Gotchaa, it is eye-pencil, so called Dinoplatz Highline

Their cute packaging able to make their products just look like stationaries, that’s why, too-cool-for school !

I love their crayon lipstick and I got myself a pink crayon lipstick plus a sweet goodie basket for the opening launch. Happy like a kid~

Lastly, thanks Too Cool For School for inviting my sister and I to the event

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